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Corporate service for individuals.

SMS Service News

08 May 2014
Important News
SMS Service is temporarily stopped also for testers. The Service goes under main rebuild. Actual required time is not exact. It may take 2-4 month for completion.

10 January 2014
Graphical User Interface has been renewed with modern theme.

01 October 2013
New Server
SMS Service is moved to new server. Soon GUI will be renewed.

01 January 2013
No New Registrations
New registrations for SMS Service is temporarily paused. Service continues for actual users.

01 February 2012
User Manual published
User manual has been added with images.

21 January 2012
Drawing got held
Drawing for the participants of the Survey was held on January 21st. Winners will get prizes till January 23rd 2012.

01 December 2011
Free for Survey Participants
BSequn started survey for the DARCE project and provided the chance to test the SMS service for free for the participants. The drawing will be held in January 2012.

01 November 2011
Drafts function Added
Added "Drafts" option. Saved drafts will be available on the right pane while you are editing in the Text window.

01 October 2011
Composition Contest Gift
BSequn Company runs Composition Contest again in 2011. The winner of the Contest will also get gift from the Customized Service.

01 August 2011
Unicode Support
Now you can send messages with Cyrillic letters. Unicode messages take twice less characters than English (Latin letter) messages.

30 June 2011
Public Registrations
The improvements on the system gave the best results and we are honored to inform that starting from 1 July 2011 Customized SMS Service will be available for public registrations.

21 June 2011
Social Responsibility
BSequn has completed the work that started on 19 April 2011 in accordance with Epsoft which is organizing the software for handicapped people leaded by a Rehab company. We are glad to take a social responsibility and participate in this project to help handicapped people, who needs the support from all of us.

10 June 2011
Turkcell Price Decrease
Starting from 10 June 2011 new Gateway settings allows us to decrease the price of sent messages to Turkcell numbers up to 5%!

10 June 2011
New Countries
BSequn Customized SMS service now avaliable also in Australia, Cuba, Egypt, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

08 June 2011
Interface Change
Some interface changes have been made to Service Homepage. Removed double "Agree Terms and Conditions" checking to make it easier for the customers.

01 June 2011
Promotion for users
Special Campaign for "Мой Мир" Social network users has been succesfully ended up.

For Customers and Testers of Customized SMS Service


While sending messages, Recipient's number must be in an International format, without "+" and "00" prefixes. E.g. to send a message to UK, number must be in this format: "44xxxxxxxxxx". Otherwise messages wil not be sent.
If you have already tried with "+" or "00", then SMS has not been sent and you haven't been charged with credits. Please consider to send the SMS again. The content of the message can be found either directly in "Delivery Report" or in "Archives" subsection.
To check whether SMS has been delivered or not, click on the text of the message in "Delivery Report".


*Some Cellullar operators may reject messages with Alphanumeric Sender ID, but allow with International number format. So, to make sure delivery of the sent messages to particular mobile operators, the system may change Sender ID to International Number. We also prefer you to use International number format as Sender ID.

*Some countries may limit characters to 11 if alphanumerical Sender ID was used. But International numbers are still available upto 15 numbers. We strongly advice you to indicate Sender ID as International Number.

*Customized SMS Service is under Beta release. So, there still maybe some bugs or other errors. For all your inquiries contact us.

How Can I Start Using The Service

Unfortunately Customized SMS is now closed for new registrations and new purchases. Only actual users with current balance and testers can use the service. This service is still under beta release and it is not stable. We try our best to give you quality on higher level, so, any services below this level get on hold. We value your patience and hope to reopen Customized SMS to public again in near future.

General Information about Customized SMS Service

What is different in this SMS Service?
-BSequn SMS Service is conducted with special equipments which persists on global cellular operators. This gives some special opportunities while sending messages, such as using your own desired name, which is not available for individual customers but for corporate partners.

Can't we purchase Corporate Solutions from our Cellular carriers?
-You may purchase it in case you have a quite large company which guarantees min. order of 10.000 messages monthly. Even in the corporate solutions of the carrier still persists limitations which don't exist in our Service.

Is it public?
-At the moment it is closed for public use. The service has been available publicly for some time in 2011 and 2012. The service is still under beta release and for now it is closed for future improvements. Testing and using Customized SMS is provided for several people including the customers of BSequn Company.

When it will be available?
-It has not been defined yet. We research and work to ensure the best quality of the services we offer.So excuse us for delay. We are looking forward to making it available for everyone in near future.